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Suggestion list for the Altis Life server
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Joined: 23rd Jun 2014
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26th Jun 2014


Recently my friends and I made a list with a couple of things we would love to see in Altis Life.

1.       Adding crowbars.
Crowbars are really fun to use when you are raiding someone house.
It should be a rebel item and should be really expensive(my opinion).

2.       Higher price armed offroad(it’s even cheaper than a normal offroad!)
Right now the price of an armed offroad is ridiculous.
You can buy it for only 10k, while a standard offroad cost around 20k.
The armed offroad should be way more expensive.

3.       Adding ziptie’s.
This will allow rebels to take people/cops hostage.
It will end up with more RP and negotiations.

4.       Ability to buy more than 5 houses/garage’s.
In my eye's owning a maximum of 5 houses and garage's is just to less.
I have got 2 houses and 3 garage's, and I wan't to buy some more houses to store items in and use it to spawn in, but I can't buy more.
I would love to see getting to be able to buy more houses.

5.       Ability to share your house with your gang/friends.
This way you don't to buy 2 houses and garage's to spawn.
Also this would be very helpful when storing stuff, or have a local HQ for your gang, where they can gear up when you are up to something.

6.       Automatic impounding of vehicles at server restart.
It's very annoying to lose your truck when the server restarts.
I think it would be much easier that when your vehicle isn't in the garage and the server restarts it will be automatically impounded.

7.       Keeping digital inventory at restart/relog.
Not really necessary but this way we don't have to buy food/water/lock-picks everything you log in on the server. 

8.       Sometimes your vehicle gets stuck in a car wreck when receiving it from the garage in Sofia.
There are a couple of car wrecks at the spawn point of your vehicle at the garage in Sofia.
Most of the times your truck will spawn on top of the wreck, but sometimes it damages itself and can cause explosion causing death.

9.       Possibly more spawn points for your helicopter.
Right now the only point to get out a helicopter is on the airfield at Athira.
Could it be possible to have a helicopter garage at every airport in the game?
Or at least 1 at the airfield in Sofia at the air shop?

10.   Adding fuel truck.
There are a lot of trucks to buy on the server, but there is no fuel truck.
I'm not planning on using one actively but since there are zamak medical/ammo/repair I don't see the point of not having a fuel truck in the game.

11.   Maybe remove the safe-zone in Kavala? It’s a fun city to troll.
This way people/cops can get robbed in Kavala and can get taken hostage.

12.   Reducing the price of a CIV HM-9 Hummingbird. The rebel version is even cheaper than the civilian version.
Dont know why it is but the civilian HM-9 Hummingbird cost I believe 525k? while the rebel HM-9 Hummingbird only cost 487,5k.

Thank you for reading this.
Please reply if you disagree with me or PM me.

Joined: 13th Jun 2014
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26th Jun 2014

I really like the idea of ziptie’s, problem is, whenever we took hostages, the cops didn't give a shit about them. That's why we stopped doing them. I also like the idea of auto impound on restart in case it  'jumps' on you and you don't have time to get to a garage.
Joined: 23rd Jun 2014
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26th Jun 2014

Well I play as a cop on another server, and whenever a cop is getting taken hostage we are all responding to it and it always end up with a great RP situation where we are negotiating and stuff.

Maybe there should be a rule cops can get token hostage in trade for money or cop gear, but there needs to be atleast 5 officers online and they should respond to it.

Joined: 13th Jun 2014
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26th Jun 2014

Yeah, I hope the cops start taking hostage situations more seriously
Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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27th Jun 2014

I like all these suggestions, however:
#2, why would you mention that, be hush hush and get yourself a cheap armed vehicle
#6, This is a MUST for me, money is being lost on both sides which shouldn't even be lost in the first place.
#7, This is a great suggestion, but It'll be easily abusable (People negating the transport of drugs)
#8, If there's car wrecks blocking the garage, then give me a PM in-game or on TS (J. Lenkins)
#11, This is an okay idea at first, however I don't think we should remove the safe-zone entirely, maybe make it so it's in a radius around the cop base and hospital, any other place is free.

Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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27th Jun 2014

Jenkins, point 8 is about a stationary car wreck placed at the garage. its not a regular car. you car spawn inside it and instantly gets damaged.
Joined: 23rd Jun 2014
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27th Jun 2014

I think at #2 yeah it can be used as a hush hush vehicle, but I still think it is to cheap.
I would say make the price just a but higher, for example 30k(because normal offroad cost 20k) and maybe make it be able to store it in the garage for example 250k.
Atleast the price a bit higher because 10k is almost nothing for an armed offroad.

Also at point 7 I agree with that point, I have already thought about it but you can keep your digital inventory but only some items can be stored, example water and food.
All heroin/cocaine/salt/oil etc. won't be stores and will be removed from your inventory as soon as you log-off.
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