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Medic & textures en more
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18th Jun 2014

What we need to change on the server if possible.
am testing medic right now, i just buy a PO 30 orca, the textures is standard like White over the whole heli its not so nice, we need to change that, the sirence of that thing doesnt work either,

as a medic u need to have Money when u do a good job for reviving some one, like one rivive is For Example 5000$ because medic dont have full work all the time, or if u dont change that just change the payment for Medic to 5000$ / 5min  just a sugestion, srry about bad english

i will change this post when ever i see something we need to change ok guys
tell me what u think about the idea's

http://www.altisliferpg.c ... tures-copsmedicsciv/
Link scroll down u have Medic Textures these are nice!
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Forum » Bug Reporting & Site Suggestions » Site and Server Suggestions
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